Nurses Christian Fellowship Australia

New Logo

We have great pleasure in introducing the new Nurses Christian
Fellowship Australia logo to you. This has been an exciting time of
collaborating, discussing fresh ideas, colours, significance and our
identity. We would like to explain some of the story behind it and
hope you appreciate the thought and prayer involved.
Firstly we have used primary colours for clarity and quick identity on
a letterhead. The red, blue and white reflects the colours of the NCFI
logo and the joy of our part in the global ministry as Christian nurses.
They are also the colours of our Australian flag.
The NCF is clear and by positioning the Australia across the
bottom identifies Australia from the other NCF countries.
The letters have been framed on the left and lower edge to create
a solid frame, base and theology but the picture image is open
reaching out towards our mission field. We have made the T
larger and brighter than our font to show that Christ is the reason
we exist as NCFA. It is central to our mission, aims and values.
The stethoscope represents how we hear the heart beat of life
itself. It is how we hear heart sounds, BP and lung sounds. Life is
identified with one. It is a world wide recognisable image of heath
care. The red heart shape represents how God so loved the world
and the importance of compassion and His love in our work place.
By drawing these two images together- the stethoscope and heart
combines HEALTH and FAITH ie. our mission and aims. As we
mentioned this side is more open as we reach out to patients,
residents, clients, colleagues and each other from the tools and

skills that nurses have.
The Scripture in our NCFA Constitution is 2 Timothy 3:16. “ All
Scripture is God breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking,
correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servants of
God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”
We feel this logo is a wonderful representation of this verse to
move us forward into the future together. We hope you like it as
much as we do and we look forward to using it from now on for
events, formal correspondence and easy identification.

Serving Christ together,
Gabi Macaulay
NCFA – President.